• Image of Clover Bias Tape Maker 18mm (3/4")
  • Image of Clover Bias Tape Maker 18mm (3/4")

Make your own bias tape - you'll never bother with store-bought again! This is the way to get perfectly matched 'self-bias' bindings on garments or beautifully decorative bias edging in all the fabrics of your dreams.
Simply cut 1.5" wide strips of fabric on the bias (diagonal, at 45 degrees to the grain) and feed through the bias tape maker, ironing the strip as it comes out the other end in a neat fold. Join a bunch of strips to make bias as long as you need.
Not all bias tape makers are created equal. This Clover one has a solid insert that ensures the tape is properly guided and folded on its way through.
Finished 'single fold' bias is approx. 18mm / 3/4" wide. In most applications this will be folded around an edge so half that width will be visible on each side.


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